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Identify the databased species (623) by selecting the following databased characters (62) (intersection):
(Xinping is working hard to add more characters)
Promarginal cheliceral teeth:
Retromarginal cheliceral teeth:
Atrium anterior margin:
Atrium, separation with epigastric furrow:
Atrium lateral margin:
Atrium length:
Atrium position:
Atrium separation:
Atrium size:
Atrium width:
Copulatory ducts, origination:
Copulatory ducts, position:
Copulatory ducts size:
Epigynal hoods, position:
Epigynal hoods, separation:
Epigynal teeth, presence:
Epigynal teeth, length:
Epigynal teeth, position:
Epigynal teeth, separation:
Epigynal teeth, size:
Spermathecae, position:
Spermathecal heads, arising:
Spermathecal heads, arising from:
Spermathecal heads, length:
Carina between median apophysis and tegular sclerite, presence:
Carina between median apophysis and tegular sclerite, shape:
Conductor, distal:
Conductor, dorsal apophysis:
Conductor, dorsal edge:
Conductor, basal lamella:
Conductor, length:
Conductor, paraconductor:
Conductor, size:
Conductor uniquely modified by:
Conductor, ventral apophysis:
Cymbial furrow, length:
Cymbial furrow, presence:
Cymbial apophysis:
Cymbial trichobothria:
Embolus, distal:
Embolus, extending posteriorly:
Embolus, origination:
Embolus, shape:
Embolus, thread starts:
Embolus, uniquely modified by:
Femoral apophysis, present:
Lateral tibial apophysis, presence:
Lateral tibial apophysis, shape:
Median apophysis, elongated:
Median apophysis, notched:
Median apophysis, presence:
Median apophysis, spoon-shaped:
Patellar length:
Patellar apophysis, number:
Patellar apophysis, present:
Patellar apophysis, shape:
Patellar apophysis, size:
RTA, distal:
RTA, length:
Tibial concavity:
Tibia, length:
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